We are excited to announce that the autumn club tennis championships will run from Monday 6th October to Saturday 6th December (finals day)

Men’s Singles 45 & 55
Men’s Doubles 45, 55 and 65
Ladies’ Singles 40
Ladies’ Doubles 40 & 50
Mixed Doubles (men 45 & ladies 40)
Mixed Doubles (men 55 & ladies 50)

Each competition will be run as either a straight knockout or round robin competition depending on the number of entries with initial rounds organised by the players at mutually convenient times and played by round end date.

Entry Fees Adults
There is no charge for adult entrants.

Looking For A Doubles Partner?
If you have no doubles partner, the club will be happy to try and pair you up with another player. If required, please state "partner wanted" under the extra information section on the entry form.

Finals Day - Saturday 6th December 2014
All competitors must be available for finals day with play starting from 1pm. The order of play will be released 4 days prior to the finals.

How To Enter
Simply click on the relevant link below and complete the entry form and fill out the required fields.

Should there be any problems regarding your entry we will contact you after the closing date.

Please check back to this website after 48 hours to make sure your entry has been listed below.

Once the draws have been finalised we will send out an email with the draw and a contact list of all competitors.

Draws can be viewed at the club on the tennis notice board.


All 2014 Club Championship competitors are invited to an exclusive Travel and Wine Tasting Evening at the club on Thursday 2nd October, hosted by event sponsor Luxury Partners UK. During the evening the Club Championships draw will be revealed and all guests have the opportunity to WIN A LUXURY STAY at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama (5 * Deluxe). Visit for more information.






Closing Date - Sunday 28th September 2014



List Of Entrants (so far)

Mens Singles 45+:

  • Alastair Graham
  • Allan Rienecker
  • Ash Mehta
  • Charles Mace
  • Chris Rogers
  • David Jackson
  • Dragan Prija
  • Ivo Impronta
  • James Mallet
  • Jeremy Morgan
  • Marc Valentiny
  • Mark Palmer
  • Martin Evans
  • Myron Mahendra
  • Paul Mardinian
  • Phillippe Dischamps
  • Sanjay Jawa
  • William Rogers

Mens Singles 55+:

  • Alastair Graham
  • Charles Mace
  • Chris Dadarria
  • Chris Rogers
  • Paul Mardinian

Mens Singles 65+:

  • TBA

Mens Doubles 45+:

  • Allan Rienecker + Dominic Morley
  • Charles Mace + Luke Kelly
  • Dragan Prija + Mark Palmer
  • Ash Mehta + David Jackson
  • Ivo Impronta + Tito Soso
  • Neeraj Nayar + Arjun Varma
  • James Mallet + Jan Wergeland
  • David Jackson + partner needed
  • Sanjay Jawa + partner needed

Mens Doubles 55+:

  • Alastair Graham + Brian Hawkes
  • Chris Dadarria + Paul McHugh
  • Charles Mace + Partner Needed

Mens Doubles 65+:

  • TBA

Ladies Singles 40+

  • Sara Evans
  • Fabienne Dischamps
  • Venetia Thompson
  • Evelina Pernicheva

Ladies Doubles 40+

  • Christine Higgins + Jenny Furmidge
  • Charlotte Mulleman + Leanne Weston

Ladies Doubles 50+

  • Jane Glyn Davies + Karen Pretorius
  • Christine Higgins + Jenny Furmidge
  • Heather Barron + Margaret Bailey
  • Cathy Chaloner + Pam Gandee
  • Julie Evans + Ross Bain

Mixed Doubles ladies 40+ / men 45+:

  • Martin Evans + Sara Evans
  • Ivo Impronta + Marina Bellucci
  • Neeraj Nayar + Jan Patel
  • Fabienne Dischamps + Marc Valentiny
  • James Mallet + partner needed
  • David Jackson + partner needed
  • Ash Mehta + partner needed
  • Evelina Pernicheva + partner needed
  • Sanjay Jawa + partner needed

Mixed Doubles ladies 50+ / men 55+:

  • Alastair Graham + partner needed